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Our Webcam will be moving soon to a new home!
Check back to see the exciting new view!

Full 360° panorama view from the top of Fenwick Tower
May 2004

[Fenwick Tower view]

Full size (15 Mb.)                 Smaller size (2.5 Mb.)

Right click on link and select Save Link As to download full size version (15 Mb.)
or smaller version (2.5 Mb.)(recommended for older/slower computers)

Free panorama viewing software here.

Brought to you by Chebucto Community Net
and Dalhousie University.

Beacon Photo Essay on the Webcam:
On Top Of Halifax:
Working On The Chebucto Community Net Webcam
December 2004

Chebucto Community Net, a 21st Century Community Net
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The Chebucto Community Net's Webcam will be moving to an exciting new home soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the last snapshot view from the old location. Our camera was at an elevation of 148 meters (486 feet) above sea level and set to look East. In the centre of the image is George's Island with its small lighthouse and in the foreground is the famous Pier 21.

Weather conditions, particularly fog, may obscure the view. The time on the photo is Atlantic Time (AST/ADT).

The webcam image is Copyright © Chebucto Community Net and may not be used in any form without the advance written approval of the Chebucto Community Net.

Tall Ships Photos and Links

Our Fenwick Tower Webcam Parade of Sail 2000 Image Archive.

Photo Gallery:

Some Tall Ship 2004 Views

Some Tall Ship 2000 Views

Photos by Douglas J. McCann

For more information on Tall Ships, check out the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic's Tall Ships Page.

More Halifax Web Cams. List maintained by Andrew D. Wright.



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